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SWM Six Days 440 Scrambler Test

25 mayo, 2021
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It is a European product with superior qualities to its closest competitors and they want to show that we are dealing with a brand with a pedigree and in good hands.

SWM Six Days 440: Trail with a classic enduro flavor.

Different from all, this is the SWM Six Days 440, a motorcycle that when I see it makes me travel back in time and recall the eighties when I ‘drank’ with the field bikes that I saw go through the mountains when I stayed at my grandparents’ house.

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With two colors to choose from -red or white- this model is presented as a noble Trail but with a light offroad flavor, not very tall. -855 mm-, with 30 HP of power and suitable for the newest with an A2 license.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, it has a good quality of components and finishes, such as led lighting, and all this at a reasonable price.

How could it be otherwise, mount spoke rims, the front of 19¨ and rear of 17¨, roads with some Pirelli MT60 -In this type of thing it moves away from the competition- giving it off road character but with good grip on asphalt; a double exhaust outlet at the top with a field motorcycle sound and with adjustable suspensions, the fork in rebound and the shock absorbers in preload.

SWM behavior Six days 440

The time has come to try it, it is 10:00 in the morning and in Alcalá de Henares the heat is pressing hard.

I get on the bike and the first thing that surprises me is the position of the footpegs, further forward and higher than expected on such a bike. The most experts tell me that in the motorcycles of the time this was normal … so another nod to the past for this model.

The high handlebar, classic enduro style, makes the posture of the trunk relaxed and joining it to the position of the footpegs I find myself comfortable but strange and different with the Italian.

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When we start rolling, I go up the gears and feel like the 440cc 30hp engine pushes from below like a good single cylinder. At the time of braking the whole, even being a light motorcycle of 148 kg, we have less power than we expect. Your brakes, with 260mm front and 220mm discs, They are more aimed at a relaxed use on asphalt, although when we press to make some strong braking, they respond.

When stopping at the traffic lights, it is difficult to find the neutral point, being better to do it from second, since from first it is quite difficult to hit the right spot. Gearbox 5 speeds it feels a bit rough but in urban driving the gear ratio is very good.

We left the city and began to climb a pass that connects second and third curves, its single beam chassis with double support and circular section tube surprises me; I’m starting to have a good time behind the monitor wheel.

When we leave the port we find straights where the motorcycle “suffers” when traveling above 110 km / h. We miss a sixth gear. Undoubtedly it is a motorcycle so as not to take it above 90 km / h where it is really comfortable.

It’s dust-swallowing time, and this is where Six Days really feels like home. We’re on our way to a motocross track and, on dirt tracks, its suspensions and chassis are up to the task. You have to be very attentive to the brakes since the ABS cannot be disconnected, and the field-ABS mix really gets on.

I stand up, but the position of his footpegs catches my attention again. It is not a motorcycle to go standing. Unlike the current enduro driving, in the classics the riders threw a lot of seats … and the Six Days asks for that, to be seated.

Your engine and suspensions –With 130 and 109 mm of travel– They speak to us saying that it is earth and stones that they want; low speeds and rough terrain is where the Six Days feels really comfortable. And it is that SWM wanted to make, and has made, a trail bike with classic enduro aesthetics.

I go around the circuit a couple of laps and being clear that it is not a dirt bike, the truth is that the motorcycle climbs trialeras and makes you enjoy, but always attentive when stopping it due to the happy ABS.

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We start back to the beginning of the route, now with more confidence, I begin to demand more from the brakes. The rear ABS jumps quickly and the front, when you know it, you see that when you push it hard, the bike stops.

The average consumption during the test day was 4.3 liters, which gives an interesting range of around 400km, which is a point in favor of this retro trail.

SWM Six Days 440 Review

Its design makes us travel back in time and that for me is always good. Going to the roots says a lot about a brand, and SWM in this sense has done so by taking advantage of retro fashion and its origins in the field to reappear with this model.
We are facing a motorcycle that does everything – like a good all-terrain of the time. It is a good candidate for citizen use knowing that you can escape by a track whenever you want but always with style and class. It is enjoyed at low speeds and it likes the dirt, but it penalizes something in its brakes, both on asphalt for power, and on dirt for the impossibility of disconnecting the ABS. But both for its benefits and for its price – less than € 5,000 – it is an ideal motorcycle to start in the motorcycle world if the chosen style is the Scrambler.

SWM Scrambler

LED headlight with daylight accompanied by a small visor as a number plate that gives it a characteristic touch of a classic field motorcycle.

SWM Scrambler

The Scrambler style is also marked on the 17 “and 19” spoke wheels, which together with the Pirelli MT60 tires, in addition to giving the field aesthetics, allow to have certain sensations on the ground.

SWM Scrambler

With the number # 440 in black and with a yellow background this number plate gives it a touch of classic enduro style.

SWM Scrambler

Two stainless steel silencers at the top and on each side, with the manifolds passing through the lower part of the engine, complete the Scrambler look.

SWM Scrambler

The instrumentation is provided by two analog dials, with the classic needles for speed and engine revolutions. Inside the spheres it has a digital odometer and different witnesses.

SWM Scrambler

SWM Scrambler

SWM Scrambler

SWM Scrambler

SWM Scrambler

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