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SYM DRG is presented in the Asian market

25 mayo, 2021
sym drg 125 1

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The design is very peculiar, to us it vaguely reminds us of the Peugeot Jet Force, with very angular shapes on the front and a very lightened rear. Unlike other scooters, it has a single rear shock absorber located in an almost horizontal position.

The brakes are disc on both wheels, with elements of 260 and 230 mm. diameter.

The instrument panel is made up of a completely digital display and the handlebar is devoid of fairing.

It is not yet known if the SYM DRG will be distributed in the European market, but we will surely have more news about this scooter at the next Milan show. SYM has recently presented at MaxSYM TL, its first sports scooter with a two-cylinder engine that will soon hit stores.


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