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SYM Symphony SR 125 Top: An affordable multipurpose

22 mayo, 2021
symsr125 2

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Scooters high wheels They are the ones that work best in the commercial field, they are always at the top of the list of best sellers, and in the case of SYM, in this segment it is represented by the Symphony, a scooter that was originally born as a very light vehicle with which to move between the intense urban traffic.


Now, over the years and after the successes of the more and more versions of Symphony, we find this SR 125 Top, which does not lose sight of the dynamic qualities of its predecessors, while improving ergonomics and acquires an image more in line with European tastes by incorporating a top case series, which comes to complete a load capacity that is already very good – it has a chest for an integral and flat platform, as well as a generous glove compartment in front of the knees.

For each day

symsr125_3.jpgThe Symphony SR 125 Top is a simple and thought to be used every day, with a fairly low consumption – it has given us an average of 3.4 liters per 100 km – and equipment that without looking for great luxuries is very complete. It reaches the ground very well and, weighing only 120 kg, it is very agile in changes of direction.

On the dashboard we will find a backlit LCD display in blue which, although it does not offer a large amount of data, gives a modern look to the whole. In fact, the entire scooter is well finished and boasts a number of quality details, such as the front indicators integrated into the handlebar fairing, the hood opening from a button or the small smoked dome located in the center of it, which acts as a windshield drift.

Agility is his forte

In the dynamic aspect, if something must be highlighted about the Symphony, it is the agility in traffic. For this it has a very low weight and a very tight turning radius; it is very difficult to get stuck between two cars. Also, the fact that I mount 16 inch wheels on both trains it makes potholes and asphalt irregularities less noticeable.

In this regard, say that suspensions work fine, especially the rear shock absorbers, and the seat feels comfortable even going with a passenger; The flat platform is appreciated for the space it offers for the feet. Regarding braking, it should be noted that this new top version already has the Euro 4 approval, which among other things involves the incorporation of a braking distribution system, and it must be said that much has been improved in this section, it shows more effective in hard braking.

Thus, the new top version of the Symphony SR can be said to improve in several respects its predecessor, while the price has remained at a more than acceptable level. 2,199 euros. By the way, with five year warranty and free insurance the first year.

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