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SYM Symphony ST 200i CBS

25 mayo, 2021
sym symphony st 200i cbs

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Not for being a urban scooter designed for best sellers implies that the SYM Symphony 200i CBS does not have quality details. One of the things we like the most about SYM scooters is their modern and attractive dashboards with loads of information. In addition, in the case of the Symphony, it has a button that allows us to change the speedometer into revolution counters with the press of a button. It also has a fuel level indicator and time clock, among other practical information.

As to Loading capacity, the SYM Symphony has a flat platform that allows us to place objects between our feet using a rack behind the shield. Under the seat we find a hole in which a full-face helmet will fit. We will also have a front glove box and a socket for charging devices with USB. Behind a new rack has been redesigned with a non-slip surface. And if you need more cargo capacity, you can always equip the SYM Symphony with a practical rear box.

SYM Symphony 200i CBS price: 2,699 euros

The price of the SYM Symphony 200i CBS is 2,699 euros, an amount that includes the Taiwanese manufacturer’s five-year warranty, one of the longest on the market. This new scooter can be driven with an A2 license and you will find it in the colors white, black and bronze.

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