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Taking the dog for a motorcycle ride

25 mayo, 2021
perro motorista

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Yes, dogs also go out for a motorcycle ride. Every day there are more news that we find for dogs, from canine clothing for all times of the year, to accessories so that we can take care of their well-being.

But what has always stayed the same it is the image of the human walking the dog, tied up or by his side, in a park playing or in the shade resting, but always walking side by side.

And once again, we meet a motorcyclist who takes one of his loved ones with him and we are not talking about humans, but about his own dog.

In the TravieZoos video we see how the dog (small) happily sits in his motorcycle carrier, located above the tank, and how the owner puts his own helmet on it.

This platform focuses on rescue, the promotion, the education and the awareness for animals. Try to protect them through the transmission of good works by people who are passionate about animals.

It is the case of biker what he takes the dog with him Y equips it perfectly to avoid all possible damages in the event of an accident. Qmaybe we will have to get used to these images.

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