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25 mayo, 2021
header n87

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In the world of motorcycling, technology is an element that plays a very important role, it is not only applied in the manufacture of motorcycles, the area of ​​manufacturing protective equipment for the rider is also one of those that uses this tool, in order to create equipment that offers greater comfort and above all protection.

Such is the case of helmet N87, a comprehensive model with applied technology that the Italian brand Nolan offers to the motorcycle market.

The N87 has a very sporty cut, with a sleek touch and top-notch technology.

Account also with a UV 400 darkened visor interior that is controlled with a lever located on the left side, next to the visor mechanism. A system of clicks called Microlock2 composes the closure system. It is on the market with two measures of outer shell made of polycarbonate for sizes ranging between XXS and XXXL, the Nolan N87 is innovative in its system of tilting visor (patent pending) with a mechanism that prevents accidental opening or closing while allowing greater vision, has a better seal and supports a Pinlock larger.

Something interesting is also that glasses can be worn comfortably, so it is possible to use an N-Com communication system and the Emergency Stop Signal system.

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