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Technology does not stop silent motorcycles

25 mayo, 2021
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DARPA, the Pentagon’s futuristic projects agency, has unveiled two silent motorcycles hybrid fuel / electric propulsion for Special Operations Forces.

Nicknamed ‘silent professionals’, the United States Special Operations Forces, which bring together various units from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, etc., serve to act in the dark and with discretion and preferably without any noise from engines.

Precisely for these professionals and during its Conference in Tampa, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has presented this Wednesday the prototypes of two silent motorcycles: Silent Hawk from the company Logos, and Nightmare from LSA Autonomy, the first two silent motorcycles in the country developed during the contest called by DARPA in 2014, reports the Defense One portal.

Both motorcycles have hybrid engines that can use practically any type of fuel: JP-8, Jet A-1, gasoline, propane, etc.


Vehicles make less noise than normal conversation: 55 decibels in silent mode (powered by electricity), and can reach speeds of 128 kilometers per hour and be powered by both fuel and lithium-ion electric batteries.

This silence becomes the stealth of the uniformed special operations, something that gives them the ability to travel without being heard, as long as there is some ambient noise.

The Nightmare model is larger than the Silent Hawk (weighing 180 kilograms against 160) and has more horsepower. Both can power other devices, as the Defense One site explains.

A report suggests that DARPA is working on other incredible projects, in addition to silent motorcycles, such as a kind of aircraft capable of traveling at hypersonic speeds, an underwater drone with GPS, implants that allow to restore memory and prosthetic limbs capable of feeling.

At the moment, DARPA motorcycles will be used only for military functions, but usually this type of technology ends up influencing commercial products, so eventually we could all have quiet motorcycles.

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