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Test the Gold: Test Öhlins RXF 48S fork and Öhlins TTX Flow 2020 shock

25 mayo, 2021
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Crossero origin

The Öhlins company is known to all motorsport fans. Its gold-colored shock absorbers and forks are characteristic of the best motorcycles in the world, both in speed and motocross. In addition, in recent years they have expanded their offer to other fields, they offer products for cars, 4x4s and MTB among other applications.

His founder Keith ohlin, was a mechanic in the MX World Championship and his fame was forged preparing the motorcycles of Gennadi Moysev and Hakan Carlvquist when they got the World MX titles in 1978 and 1979 respectively. Since then the brand little by little was taking products from speed, rally, MotoGP and it grew to the giant that it is today, but always maintaining its base in Sweden.

In the 90s and early 00s Öhlins suspensions were the object of desire by crossers around the world and used by the best riders, but a few years later, the brand focused more on speed bikes, cars, and new markets, leaving motocross development a bit behind. Since the appearance of TTX system on 2007 and specific cartridges for other forks, the brand regained the status it had in motocross in the past. Today, Öhlins again offers top quality products that are used in some of the best MX bikes on the planet.

Black leg

For this test we move to Torres de la Alameda circuit in Madrid. There by the hand of Andreani Spain and with the support of one of its most important distributors in the downtown area, DPS Suspension, we were able to put the newcomer 2020 material to the test.

ohlins moto1pro

We had 4 motorcycles, Kawasaki 450 Y 250 Models 2020 equipped with the latest from the Swedish brand, the fork RXF 48S and the shock absorber TTX Flow 2020. In addition, these bikes were adjusted with two different settings, one more comfortable and the other harder and of a more advanced level.

First of all, it was Salva di Dio, owner of DPS the one who gave us a little technical talk about how the new Öhlins work and what changes have been made compared to previous models.

In the fork, which mounts springs and preload regulation, the manufacturing processes have been improved, with better materials and improved spring supports. The Titanium Nitride treatment bars to reduce friction and improve wear.

Many changes have been made to the shock, which was released in 2016. Assemble a new piston and new valve. The adjustment wheels are of a new design and the adjustments are more remarkable, in addition the construction has been improved, with lower tolerances in the manufacture.

On the track

To test this material we sent our best motocross tester, Julio Lopez, which is capable of putting any motorcycle to the limit and thus would give us the opinion of a pro. But it should be noted that these suspensions are not only suitable for pro riders. It is true that due to the outlay that we have to make, only people with serious aspirations will decide to buy them, but they will also do wonders for the amateur pilot who can afford it. And it is that one of the philosophies of the brand is to sell a product fully adapted to the needs of the pilot whatever his level or specialty. Thus, DPS offers a service of testing and adjusting the suspensions once we have purchased them so that customer satisfaction is complete.


And it is that satisfaction is the word that best defines these suspensions, according to our tester. Julio directly tested the bike with the hardest setting due to its weight and high level of riding. From the first moment, the feeling was that the bike is completely glued to the ground, against the rebounding offered by the original material. The fork and shock copy the terrain perfectly, and Öhlins’ patented technology in which oil flows more easily so that the suspensions regain position faster is immediately noticeable.

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