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25 mayo, 2021
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If you are a beginner and want to get started in the world of motorcycling, Welcome! But there are some basic things that it would be wise to learn before getting on a motorcycle. It is a bit like in school or when learning anything, it is always much better to know a little of the theory before, to later understand and enjoy the practice much better.

That is why we leave here an infographic that shows the anatomy of a motorcycle in a very simple and basic way. Of course there are its variants depending on the type and model of motorcycle, and today with so much advancement and use of technology you will surely find many more elements to discover. But in general this is the important thing.

We go from the beginning; theoretically, What is a motorcycle?

A motorcycle, commonly known in Spanish with the abbreviation motorcycle, it’s a vehicle two-wheeled, powered by a motor that drives the rear wheel, with rare exceptions in which the drive would be given to the front wheel or both. The box o chassis and the wheels constitute the fundamental structure of the vehicle. The steering wheel is the front one. They can transport up to two people, and three if they are equipped with sidecar.


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