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The best full-body routine at home for pilots

23 mayo, 2021
la mejor rutina full body en casa para pilotos powering offroad

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Full-body exercises to train for the motorcycle from home

In order for this full-body routine to be as effective as possible, we recommend doing 4 sets of each exercise group, with two minutes of rest between series. For each exercise you must do some 12-15 reps and no rest between exercise and exercise.

In total about 30 minutes of training, enough not to steal a lot of time in the day and have your dose of physical activity. Think how good you feel when you finish!

And yes, we know that sometimes all we need to train better at home is motivation. If this is your case, we recommend that you take a look at our POWERING TEAMS online training groups, where pilots from all over the world meet a couple of times a week to train together live with the professional POWERING OFFROAD trainers.

First series

Remember to mobilize your whole body well and heat up before starting the exercises! Otherwise you risk injury and the training will be much less effective because you will not have correctly activated your muscles or the connection with your mind.

  • Jump squat. Perform a normal squat and when you reach the lowest point, power-jump up. When landing, bend your knees well to reduce the impact on your bones and jump again with all the power you have. With this exercise you will raise your heart rate quickly.

  • Rowing. You can use a TRX or some resistance rubbers if you have at home, but if not, simply get under a table with your body stretched out, hold on with your arms at 90º and pull with your whole body upwards in a quick movement and powerful. If you also hold the descent for a couple of seconds, you will increase muscular endurance and help to better develop your strength.

  • One-sided deadlift. The same deadlift movement that you would do with a rubber band, a barbell or a weight, but this time lifting one leg off the ground so that a single leg works the entire exercise. You will see how it burns! If you have the possibility, add some weight, if you do not have weights you can hold cans of gasoline or water to the sides of your body.

  • Push-ups. You can do the classic push-ups, but if they no longer challenge you, try propelling yourself with your arms, lifting them off the ground, and slapping higher. You can also place your hands on something slightly raised off the ground, such as a wheel, so that the depth of the push-up will be greater and it will be more difficult for you to climb.

Second series

  • Strides. You also know them as splits, they consist of taking a step forward and bending the knee, so that you have to push with one leg to find yourself upright again. You can do them without weight (try jumping if it does not challenge you enough) or hold some weights or a few cans of water or gasoline with your hands.

  • Rowing with drums. The idea is to get into a position similar to the one you use to deadlift, but this time with your arms positioned at 90º to your body and bringing your elbows up and back to lift the weight. For this exercise it is essential that you have a weight, a rubber band or some drums or bags with some weight, otherwise it will not challenge you.

  • Skipping x30 “. Raise your heart rate again by jumping on the spot, as fast as you can and with your whole body active and tense. Resist for 30 ”without stopping!

  • Front plate x30 “. Finish the set with a front plank, you can be isometric with your elbows on the ground or your arms stretched out for added resistance. If this sounds easy to you, introduce some movement to increase the work of the core with the instability.

Train from home with the POWERING App

All the exercises you have seen in this content are part of the POWERING App of physical training for fans of motorcycle and off-road bike.

If you want a more personalized training to your goals, physical condition and motorcycle modality, we strongly recommend that you download for free. ALREADY!

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