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The best Hard Enduro riders in history

24 mayo, 2021
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He has been 3 times Enduro World Champion, twice winner of the GNCC -the most important Cross Country competition in America- and has harvested podiums everywhere in traditional enduro, battling one-on-one with names like Juha Salminen or Samuli Aro . In 2006 he had a perfect season, or rather epic, winning the International Six Days of Enduro, the title of E3 World Champion winning each and every one of the 14 world championships that year winning all the specials, and he also won the Erzberg, The Tought One and Hells Gate. Doing that in one season is incredibly impressive.

Thus in Extreme Enduro he has also had great results with two victories at Erzberg in 2005 and 2006, 6 victories at The Tought One and 3 at Hell’s Gate, which gives him a spectacular resume.

But with “the Knighter” there have also been controversies. When I sign for BMW To compete with the German enduro GX450, on one occasion due to the malfunction of the bike, the gossips say that he threw it to the ground and urinated on it …

Now he continues to compete in private teams and continues to reap good positions, although not like those of his heyday as a driver.

Tadeusz Blazusiak – Poland, 1983

Another talented multidisciplinary driver is Taddy Blazusiak. Until 2007 he was a totally unknown pilot with several National Trial Championships to his credit and some participation in the trial world championships.

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Taddy rose to fame after winning, above all odds and with a borrowed motorcycle, the Erzbergrodeo in 2007. A victory that earned him a motorcycle in the official KTM team and marked the beginning of his legend by winning 5 times in a row. He also has victories in Last Man Standing, The Tough One, Megawatt and Hell’s Gate on two occasions.

Blazusiak crossed the Atlantic in 2008 to face America’s best endurocrossers and won the AMA Endurocross Championship five times. Back in Europe he also swept the FIM Super Enduro with 6 consecutive titles from 2010 to 2016.

After his retirement and his sabbatical year he returned to the official team KTM in the WESS and continues to reap good results while waiting for another victory.

Jonny Walker – Great Britain, 1991

With 3 wins in wins at Erzberg, two at Romaniacs and one at Hells Gate and The Tough One, Jonny’s 29-year-old numbers speak for themselves.

And that he has had different injuries such as the one in 2013 or the one suffered in 2018 at the Megawatt in a high speed fall, which have prevented him from having a more linear career.

His beginnings were in the trial where he reached the top 5 in the European Championship at a very young age. But he soon switched to enduro when he saw that his friends were doing more motocross and with the enduro he had a bit of everything. With this bike he began to participate in races in a totally amateur way and since he himself had at that time he did not even have money to buy mousses.

jonny walker

So they noticed him at a local store and provided him with a better bike along with better gear, allowing him to participate in more tests. In 2011 they took him to Erzberg where he finished in a surprising third place at just 20 years old. At that moment many doors were opened to him and it was when KTM began to give him semi-official support, becoming an official Extreme Enduro rider in 2012. The dream story of all young people who start!

The new generation

Within the new line of top world pilots we have names such as Manuel Lettenbichler -Winner WESS 2019-, Billy Bolt -winner WESS 2018- or Wade Young, winner of WESS 2017.

The three of them have victories in the big events in their track record, they battle in almost all the international races of the highest level, as well as Mario Román and Alfredo Gómez, the two greatest exponents of the national Extreme Enduro. Mario has victories in Hells Gate, Hixpania, Sea to Sky and with podiums in all the great Hard Enduro events. For his part, Alfredo has a victory at Erzberg and second places in almost all the major events.

mario roman penultima hacer cuadrada

These young riders are within the world top 5 in which the level is very even, being able to win any Hard Enduro competition to which they appear. They have already made history but we will see how they continue their legacy.

More names

There are more illustrious names with impressive performances on their backs like Chris pfeiffer -two victories in Erzberg-, Paul Bolton, Cody Webb, Colton Haaker or Chris Birch, which are undoubtedly in the memory of all fans of the specialty, such as the victory of Andreas Lettenbichler at Romaniacs in 2009 with a BMW GX450 4T that will forever remain in everyone’s memory

And there are also other well-known names like Xavi Galindo, who participated in different Extreme Enduro events at the beginning of the specialty. In 2009 he was injured on the fourth day of Romaniacs after leading from the start, a race in which he even has a section with his name on it. In his record he adds great performances such as his two 5th places in Erzberg and Romaniacs.

alfredo gomez ultima

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