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The best sports bikes 2019 for the A2 card that you can later limit

23 mayo, 2021
honda cbr 650 r apertura

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The Ducati SuperSport A2 It moves between two waters, it is not a born sports car, it has sport tourism influences by mounting the semi-handlebars above the seatpost and offering a more relaxed position if we compare it with its Panigale sisters, but Ducati blood runs through its veins and that. is more than enough to be considered a sports bike for A2 license users.

When Ducati brought to light this SuperSport in charge of retaking the concept of the legendary SuperSport from the 90s it did so by announcing a power of 110 hp, which prevented it from being limited for the A2. However, and in order to make the SS available to everyone, he developed a 70 kW version that can be limited to the 34 kW of the A2.
This A2 version benefits both the basic SuperSport and the SuperSport S, the “pro” variant that mounts fully adjustable Öhlins suspensions, Ducati Quick Shift gearbox and seat cowl.

2019 Honda CBR650R

Honda CBR650R

The CBR650R is the evolution of the CBR650F that appeared in 2014 together with the naked CB650F, and now stands out as a sportier option, but equally logical and accessible to a wide range of public. A motorcycle sporty with a logical and attractive medium displacement, without demands or compromises, very balanced and with an engine that is pure versatility: a four cylinder (the only one you will find among the sports bikes for the A2) with 649 cc and 95 CV of power, which allows it to be limited to 48 CV for the A2 license.

Its aesthetic is inspired by the powerful Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, but it has been sought that the pilot is more comfortable, moving the command post further and lower than in the F. Showa suspensions, Nissin brakes, LED lighting, assisted and slipper clutch or disconnected traction control are some of its main technical characteristics. A motorcycle that enjoys all the smoothness and good work of Honda that you can continue to enjoy delimited once your 2 years of A2 license have passed.

Kawasaki Ninja 650 2019

Kawasaki ninja 650

Among all the sports options that Kawasaki offers, which are not few, the Kawasaki ninja 650 is the candidate perfect to continue offering you emotions once you have passed the 2 years of the A2 card. Its sister Kawasaki Ninja 400 is also a good option, you will not need to limit it, but when you have completed your two years of A2 it will continue with its 45 HP as standard, and from there it will not happen.

However the Parallel twin engine of the Ninja 650 delivers 68 hp, which you can limit to 35 kW and release again later. It has its origin in the ER range of the Japanese firm, so it is not a demanding sports bike with a sacrificial riding position, but quite the opposite. It is capable of offering great satisfaction on our daily journeys but also a good dose of sensations on the open road, where it is based on a multi-tube chassis and a simple but well-tuned cycle that perfectly meets the needs of the newest on two wheels. What’s more, its price is also one of its most notable factors, by distinguishing itself as the cheapest of the A2 sports bikes that you can limit later.

MV Agusta F3 675 A2 2019

MV Agusta F3 675

It is without a doubt the most exclusive sports bike valid for the A2 license you will find on the market, although that, obviously, you will have to pay. The MV Augusta F3 675 original offers a standard power of almost 130 hp, and that does not allow it to be limited for the A2 license. To solve it and make it available to everyone, the Italian firm has created a 70 kW (94 hp) F3 675 that can be limited to 35 kW (47 hp) that requires the A2 card during the first two years. After this period you can limit it and have a F3 675 of 94 CV, but not one of 130, that you have to be clear about.

Electronics is responsible for carrying out the respective limitations and you will have a motorcycle exactly like the “full power”, with a mixed chassis of aluminum plates and steel tubes, suspensions and first-rate brakes, driving modes, traction control, engine brake regulation … That is, everything that a high-end motorcycle like this MV Agusta can include, but simply with less power.

The design and the level of finishes are obviously other of its strengths, and it is by far the sportiest concept that you will find here, both for radicalism and for the benefits of their behavior.

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