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The BMW smart helmet

25 mayo, 2021
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BMW presents the prototype of a new helmet that could well be the helmet of the future, an intelligent helmet with which we interact and that adds a plus to our driving. Something that we had already seen with him Skully AR-1, but that now takes shape with the involvement of a firm like BMW.

Here where you see it has a screen Head Up Display With which we are visually informed without having to take our eyes off the road, in addition to including a front and rear camera, speakers and microphones, to allow communication with the helmet and with other users.

The BMW smart helmet

A helmet that works for our connection with what surrounds us and for our own safety. Not only does he inform us on the road, but he is also able to communicate with us the condition of the bike: tire pressure, oil level … a technology that still sounds a bit far to us, such as the V2V (“vehicle to vehicle” communication), but it will undoubtedly be a matter of time before it becomes part of our day to day.

Although at the moment it is only a prototype … How long will it take until we have it in our homes?

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