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the charm of the eight cylinders

25 mayo, 2021

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The Drysdale V8 It is the latest project that has come out of the workshop of this trainer based in Melbourne (Australia).

Drysdale is not a newborn workshop, since it has 20 years behind it and became known with the project ‘2x2x2’, a particular motorcycle with two-wheel drive (by means of a hydraulic system) and with the two steering wheels. Another curious development from Drysdale is a 9-cylinder radial engine.

But the last of this restless Australian is a sports car with a V8 engine, made from two four-cylinder Yamaha FZR600 engines, from which pistons, camshafts, etc. have been used, with a handcrafted engine block. Compression has been lowered to 10.5: 1. The airbox is homegrown, as well as the complicated exhaust system, which ends with a double silent Black Mamba, which emits an ecstatic sound. The declared power is 150 hp at 15,000 rpm, a real turbine. Other components are taken from an R1, and the fork is from a Kawasaki ZZR 1100. The entire body is made of fiberglass.

It is by no means the first V8 we’ve seen: the Lazareth LM 487 , with Chevrolet origin engine and 470 hp, or the PGM V8, with 338 hp, the work of another Australian coach, they also use this type of spectacular engine.

If you want to get one Drysdale V8 you must have 80,000 euros in your account and contact the Australian workshop at

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