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24 mayo, 2021
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Since we got a little technical, we are going to talk about one of the most important elements that make up a motorcycle, the Chassis of a motorcycle.

The chassis is the main body of the motorcycle and where the rider will be located as well as the engine. Its general structure, independently of its type, consists of an anchoring area for the front suspension called the steering head, located in the most forward and highest part of the chassis. The other anchor point is the swingarm axle, which must be combined with a mount for the rear shock absorber. As they are areas subjected to high efforts, they must have high rigidity. Where the variety of chassis exists is in the part that joins these two areas, being able to be both tubes, plates, beams, etc.

In a chassis all the elements that compose it, with the exception of the suspensions and the parts attached to them, are perfectly fixed. As a consequence, the chassis defines a series of structural characteristics that also influence the behavior of the motorcycle. They are, on the one hand, those that define the geometry of the motorcycle, and on the other, those that determine the distribution of weights.



To obtain precise steering, the chassis must adequately resist bending and torsional stresses, so that the wheels can maintain a correct relationship to each other despite the loads imposed by the transmission, bumps, curves and brakes. In any case, no steering system can be effective if the wheels are not in contact with the ground, hence the important role that grip (especially the front end) plays.

Good handling is understood to mean that in the event of a small physical effort from the rider, the motorcycle will respond to these actions, thus avoiding the driver’s fatigue. This aspect depends fundamentally on the height of the center of gravity, the total weight, the stiffness, the steering geometry, the size of the tires and the moment of inertia of both the wheels and the motorcycle / rider set.

To have good comfort, and thereby minimize rider fatigue, the suspension must absorb bumps without shaking the rider or producing pitching movements.


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