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The circle closes | Moto1Pro

25 mayo, 2021
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After him came Gonzalo de Martorell, who did an enormous job: putting a bit of order in a very passionate, but somewhat chaotic team, for the better at times, but not at all. Gonzalo, a highly experienced professional, was a good influence on the magazine, but he had to leave the address for personal reasons beyond his control. And then came Rodolfo Martinez, enduro rider, enduro instructor who runs his own school, who has “driven” right up to number 130. My biggest thanks to all three because thanks to them we are where we are.

But in this number, 131, the circle closes, and I return to assume the direction of the magazine: A real challenge, but above all a privilege.

And what is left in this number 131 of that first number 1? Well nothing and everything. Nothing because there are many new people, we have two new additions that we will present to you and many new formats. And all the spirit of number 1. That first editorial was titled “Different, alternative … and get tough!” And in that we have not changed, I promise you.

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