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The Connected Motorcycle: brands are committed to making it a reality

25 mayo, 2021
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In this way, brands will dedicate part of their research to improve the visibility of motorcycles through ADAS systems (driving assistants) following specific parameters to allow communication between motorcycles developed by different manufacturers.

In December 2020 CMC launched a “CMC Basic Specification” to make possible a common use of the V2X communication, which allows a vehicle to communicate with everything around it, when describing how these V2X systems must be in the world of motorcycles, and thus achieve global coordination.

With motorcycles that have V2X communication it will be possible to avoid dangerous situations that we do not see with our own eyes. The motorcycles will be able to communicate with each other, or with other elements involved in the circulation, to anticipate possible accidents, and thus increase the safety of the motorcyclist.

But this would be impossible without the involvement of the manufacturers, and that is why BMW Motorrad, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha, Triumph and Suzuki They are committed to working on advanced communication systems in order, together, to achieve smarter and better equipped motorcycles.

Similarly, as motorcycles are not alone on the streets, it will work together with the automotive sector and other manufacturers so that communication standards are compatible and communication is complete and effective.

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