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The Dark Side, Darth Vader’s motorcycle according to Bandit9

25 mayo, 2021
thedarkside 11

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This beautiful custom is not inspired by Star warsbut on the dark side of the moon. Hence the name ‘The Dark Side ‘ (The dark side).

However, it was inevitable that with that name and that futuristic design they did not end up relating it to the well-known film. In fact, surrendered to the evidence, on the Facebook of Bandit9 They have already published a photo of the motorcycle accompanied by a famous Darth Vader quote what does it say: “If only you knew the power of the dark side”.

The result of this Harley-Davidson Street 750 personalized, demonstrates that the year of inactivity on the part of Bandit9 it has not been a problem, quite the opposite. It seems to have given them a chance to disconnect and refresh ideas.

From Bandit9 they know that this Harley model is not the most popular, far from it, but they were surprised by the performance of your engine, the Revolution X, which guarantees speed and agility. Around this, they decided to recreate this motorcycle from top to bottom, even having to hammer some parts by hand to give it the desired look.

We have fallen in love with this custom that they have worked on, and in what way. They have even prepared a video in which we can see The Dark Side on going.

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