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The gearbox on an electric motorcycle

24 mayo, 2021
caja cambios electrica

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This is answered by studying the advantages and disadvantages that contributes to the vehicle in question:

One of the positive factors of coupling this system is that you can find the optimal motorcycle behavior depending on the speed at which you are rolling. Thanks to this, the rider can choose the gear that best suits each circumstance of the race.

In short, the incorporation of a gearbox makes it possible to design much more controlled operation of the motorcycle, since the behavior of the vehicle can be defined in relation to the speed with which it circulates at each instant.

The main drawback of this system is the volume, since being a competition motorcycle it is tried to have the smallest possible dimensions so that the force exerted by the air on the vehicle at high speeds is the minimum possible. The large space that the batteries occupy inside the motorcycle makes the other elements have a very limited volume. We must also take into account the weight that this system provides, it is not necessary to explain that the more the motorcycle weighs, the more difficult it will be to move it since it will need more energy.

Electric motorcycle gearbox

The refrigeration problem

Refrigeration has a high weight within the drawbacks, since being a mechanical system it causes it to heat up causing the performance to decrease. Therefore, if you decide to incorporate a gearbox, you must design a good method to evacuate heat out of the motorcycle.

Another problem is the lubrication of internal components. Poor lubrication will lead to premature wear of the gears that make up the gearbox, making it necessary to replace the system ahead of time. Last but not least is the price. Do not forget that when it came to a project within the university environment We have a very limited budget and that is why each component of the motorcycle must be chosen with the utmost care.

As you can see, it is not a simple matter, leaving aside the advantages and disadvantages of technical data, we also have to take into account other aspects that have greater variability. Besides of time of research applied in finding which is the best option, the time available for the manufacture of the components together with the assembly on the motorcycle has to be valued. All this means that the viability of this system must be carefully studied, since each team has limited time and resources.

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