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The height of the motorcycle seat Why is it so important?

24 mayo, 2021
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What is seat height?

We understand the height of the seat of a motorcycle as the distance from the lowest point of the driver’s seat to the ground, always measured in millimeters and with the motorcycle resting on its wheels in a vertical position, never on the side leg or the central stand.

It must be taken into account that this seat height will always lower when the rider sits on the motorcycle, his weight will compress the suspensions and the seat will lower, so the final seat height will always vary depending on how be the suspensions and their settings.

The types of motorcycles and the height of their seats

The height of the seat will depend on the type of motorcycle in question. Different types of motorcycles need different types of seat and all of them take their place according to the purpose of each motorcycle in question.

Starting from the bottom up, custom bikes They stand out for being those with lower seats, among them the use of V-Twin engines, narrow and advanced, is common, so that the seat can reach very low heights to also lower the center of gravity, something important in motorcycles of high weight.

A little higher are those of naked bikes. They are usually very soft seats but their width can also condition the ease with which we reach the ground, the greater the width, the greater the curve that our legs make to reach the ground.

The seat of sports bikes they are a little higher. They are characterized by being small and not very soft, narrow at the front and wider at the back. They usually leave us in a totally “attack” position and the hands, located almost at the same height, receive a large part of our weight.

Motorcycle seat height

The tourist motorcycles They are designed to offer great comfort on the move, both for pilots and passengers. Its seats are generous and comfortable, being especially wide they can complicate access to the ground depending on our height, so they are not especially high so as not to complicate maneuverability on high weight motorcycles.

The trail bikes they do have specially elevated seats. As they are motorcycles designed to offer good behavior both on the road and offroad, they have a generous ground clearance. Their seats are generally high, above 800mm, so users of lower height can lose confidence in them.

The purely offroad motorcycles, like enduro or motocross bikes, as well as supermotards, they are bikes with very long suspensions, a large ground clearance and, therefore, seats located at a high height. They are designed to circulate almost always standing up and the seat should not be far away.

However, the suspensions of an offroad motorcycle are soft and long travel, so once the rider is seated on it, the suspensions give way and the seat height drops, so in this type of motorcycle it is not advisable to be too scared when we see seats over 900 mm high, because when push comes to shove it is always lower.

There are high seats But how much is too high?

To begin with, we will say that we will never know the true height of a motorcycle seat until we sit on it and the bike supports our full weight. As we said, not only its height determines our comfort and confidence on a motorcycle, but also its width and the ease with which we reach the ground, regardless of its height.

Getting to the ground with both feet fully supported is not the same as doing it with just the tip of one of them, and this is where the weight of the bike comes into play. It is not the same to have to move a 150 kilos motorcycle as a 250 kilos, so the higher the weight and the higher the seat height, the more difficult it will be to move it once seated on it. There is no secret formula to know if a bike is too tall for you or not, it is best to check it in person: sit on it, see how we put our feet on the ground and how we move the bike from above.

Motorcycle seat height

Tips for those who are not especially tall

You may not be very tall and the bike of your dreams is a maxrail with a very high seat. To do? The first step is find out if the brand optionally sells a lower seat. It is very common for some models to offer adjustable seats in different heights and it is something that you can always take advantage of.

If the help does not come from the hands of the motorcycle brand you can always turn to the auxiliary industryThere are countless manufacturers of accessories that design seats for a multitude of motorcycle models. Do not expect miracles, but some inch you can win.

A trick: If you still do not reach the ground well, you can always slide a little on the motorcycle towards the side where your leg is supported, even if you are not completely seated on the seat, so you will be able to keep it vertical.

Lowering the suspensions of the motorcycle, is it an option?

Lower the suspensions of the motorcycle not a recommended option and it is always more advisable to look for other solutions. By shortening the bike’s suspensions, ground clearance is reduced, the bike’s own geometries are modified and this has a direct impact on handling and driving behavior. Therefore, this should be the last solution to take, but is a feasible possibility that we can always take into account in case of extreme need.

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