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24 mayo, 2021
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Although the confidence and security you feel when driving a motorcycle does not depend solely on the height of the seat, it does influence a lot.

We have mentioned on many occasions, especially when we talk about the characteristics of a motorcycle, its height, the reason is because it is something that seems not to be so important, but it is, especially because as we mentioned before, the height of the seat influences the comfort and security that you feel when driving and controlling your motorcycle.

The height of the seat of a motorcycle has to do with the type of motorcycle and the activity for which it is created, for example, motorcycles enduro or motocross (off-road), they have a very high seat (900mm), this is because they are motorcycles that are not made to have long trips, because their function is to compete. They have a great free distance to the ground since the pilot spends most of the time standing, in reality the seat does not have much use, however, as they handle very soft suspension, they tend to lower considerably due to the weight.


At the other end are the motorcycles cruiser, which are the ones with the shortest distance between the floor and the seat. They are very comfortable for the pilot, but not for the passenger. In an intermediate point we could say that the motorcycles are tourism, sport tourism or grand tourism, these bikes unlike the off road and cruisers are motorcycles that generally have a very comfortable seat, for both rider and passenger, since they are motorcycles made to spend a long time riding them and to enjoy a long trip.


However, the best way to know what is the appropriate height of the seat of your motorcycle is to get on it, because not only is the factor of ground clearance, there is also the shape and width that influence and modify the reach of our feet to touch. soil. And how important is this? Well, it depends on how heavy your motorcycle is, because the heavier it is, the more you will need to have your feet firmly on the ground to maneuver it better. That is why it is very important that you try getting on the motorcycle to find out which is the ideal seat height for you.

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