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The helmet for your trail adventure

24 mayo, 2021

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We believe that the helmet is one of the most important parts that will make the difference between a trip to remember or constant suffering. First of all, you must choose the size well, a helmet that is small or large can make your adventure an experience to forget.

For this type of adventure we advise that the chosen helmet be one polyvalent that offers us at all times the possibility of adapting to the speed and demands of the terrain. We all know that the benefits and use of all terrains reside in a Trail motorcycle. On paper, a true Trail should be 50% on-road and 50% off-road. In a Trail helmet like the one chosen, we find that balance perfectly.
A pure off-road helmet limits our use at low speeds and penalizes us on the road as soon as we exceed 60 km / h, and a road helmet would not be up to the task as soon as moments of effort appear on off road. With which, to be comfortable and enjoy a Trail adventure trip we should make the right choice.

And it is that it is not the same to drive on an asphalt road at 90 km / h, than on wet dirt tracks at 20 km / h with low grip that involve concentration and extra physical effort where the temperature of our body begins to rise and the sweat makes an appearance. This is where the helmet we choose should be a helmet with good ventilation and luckily, in painstaking there are technologies such as the system Velocity Flow Ventilation ™ which, as we could see, provides a high ventilation flow inside the helmet, thus making it a very comfortable helmet for critical moments when fighting with the motorcycle in difficult terrain.

In most cases, when choosing a helmet we do it based on the safety that it offers us and that is that we cannot deny that the helmet is that, above all, a safety element.
And to achieve maximum security in the market There are already technologies developed to meet our needs such as MIPS, which is neither more nor less than a “Multi Directional Impact Protection System” that solves a lack of a lifetime. And it is that, until now, brands have focused on protecting our head in frontal impacts, leaving aside the side impacts that are the most frequent.

This system has been developed by a team of Swedish scientists thinking about the world of high-level cycling, but Bell He is also adapting it for the motorcycle world and although we have not put it to the test (we have not suffered any kind of mishap on our trip) the tests speak for themselves.

In addition, for avoid glare and that the changes of light are not a problem, in the market they begin to see helmets with photosensitive screen. These darken or lighten depending on the light outside. This is still a plus in safety since the sun from the front is not at all safe if we do not have sunglasses at the moment and in case of wearing them, entering a tunnel takes away a lot of visibility. The chosen helmet is one of the few helmets on the market that has this system and on our route we were able to benefit in this regard. In a few seconds the screen goes dark and depending on the strength of the sun its darkness is greater or lesser. The same happens when the sun goes down and your screen becomes transparent.

Without a doubt, the difference in the choice of equipment, and especially our helmet, will mark our experience and memory of our trip. In the case of ours, we have a very good taste in our mouths and we are left wanting to repeat sensations on the back of a motorcycle that does not stop because of the color of the road and a kit that is up to any setback. Only one downside, our trip was one day and we have been wanting to repeat. Soon more and better.

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