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The Helmet – Passion Biker

24 mayo, 2021
El Casco 3

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Alright, you already have your motorcycle! The next thing is to protect yourself, since you are the chassis of the motorcycle, I am not telling you to scare you far from it, but it is important to be protected, it could sound bad, but dress to fall and tell it.

Do you know why I love my helmet? Because it makes me six inches taller and a thousand times smarter!

Jorge Abraham Chavez Ceja

The helmet

Very well, you already have your motorcycle, the next thing is to protect yourself since you are the chassis of the motorcycle, I am not telling you to scare you far from it, but it is important to be protected, it could sound bad but get dressed to fall and tell it .

The helmet is the most important part of a motorcyclist’s equipment, therefore it must fit perfectly: it should not be too tight, nor should it be loose so that it does not move with the speed or movements of our head.

To correctly choose our helmet it is important:

Put on the helmet holding the buckles, at that time we will check if the helmet is tight or loose, remember that it should be just but not tight. Move your head as if to say no, the helmet should not move at all from its position, it is important that if you use goggles, you try on the helmet with them and thus avoid tightening you later.

It considers that there are different types of helmet, the integral helmet, which is in one piece, protects the entire head, chin and head, making it the most recommended for its safety features; The modular helmet has a folding or removable piece, this protects the head but leaves the face and chin somewhat uncovered, even when the chin guard is in place, it is not as rigid and secure as that of the full-face helmet; the jet helmet leaves the face and chin in the air, which is why it is the most insecure of the 3.

Likewise, you must consider that the helmet you are going to buy complies with regulations and specifications such as DOT, ECE, Sharp or Shell.


DOT certification ensures that the helmet meets the standards required by the United States Department of Transportation for use on North American streets, but this test is only performed upon product introduction but is not performed subsequently to prove the warranty of the entire production line.


This certification, granted by the European Economic Community, performs more arduous tests than those carried out in the DOT. In addition to this, it periodically performs its evaluations on the same certified helmets to verify that the quality of its certification remains current.


The Sharp test is perhaps one of the most demanding to check the quality of a certain helmet since the model is subjected to 32 different impact tests. This rating is given in a range of one to five stars and, as in the ECE certification, the tests are repeated every six months to re-evaluate the quality and confirm the rating awarded or reduce the number of stars.


This test is also within the toughest range for evaluating a helmet, as the integrity of the helmet is compromised at much higher quality ranges. The energy and force used to measure the protection of a helmet is much greater than that evaluated in DOT tests.

Double certification

There are helmets with multiple certifications; So you can find a helmet with DOT and ECE, a fact that confirms it as an appropriate helmet to ride safely on North American and European roads.

In conclusion, the helmet not only prevents us from a traffic violation but it can save our lives in the event of an accident, there is no short distance to avoid the use of the helmet (in any case, it is better to walk). Check the specifications of the helmet you want to buy and do not skimp on costs, remember that in the end the helmet is not more expensive than your own life.

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