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The history of Honda Motor Co.

24 mayo, 2021
Honda dream D type 1949

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Honda dream D-type 1949

Thanks to decades of research, today Honda vehicles are among the lowest emitters in each of their categories.

The Honda Engine CO. It was founded in Japan by Soichiro Honda born in 1906, who was the third son of a blacksmith. Due to his father’s trade, Soichiro was close to machines, since in addition to the blacksmith shop, the father was dedicated to repairing bicycles which caused him a lot of interest as well as automobiles, something unusual at that time since cars were very expensive and therefore difficult to see. In his youth he studied metallurgy and by 1937 he would start a company that manufactured piston rings, which he sold just before World War II to found the Honda Technical Research Institute (Honda Institute for technological research).

By 1948, a war-torn Japan required mobility to get up, and the Honda motor company was born.

During the decade of the 50’s Honda had many successes and technological and engineering advances in its motorcycles, this because Soichiro Honda in 1954 realized that the success of his company was intimately linked with his success in motorcycles. racetracks, Honda began its winning run in 1961 when it achieved the top three places in the 1973 mann island TT race in the 125cc and 250cc classes.

The success of this company is such that they are dedicated to practically everything that has engines and in everything they are successful, they manufacture cars, trucks, nautical and aeronautical engines, and even robots.

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