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The Honda CBR250RR, 170 km / h

22 mayo, 2021

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The Honda CBR250RR It has been one of the motorcycles that has raised more expectations than those that have appeared during this year that is ending. Despite its small displacement, the CBR is one of the most desired and admired motorcycles of 2016, and yet it is not in Honda’s immediate plans to bring it to Europe, since that market niche is represented by the CBR500R, Although we do not lose hope that the brand with the golden wing will end up taking it to its dealerships on the Old Continent, perhaps reconverted to CBR300RR, although this, for now, is pure speculation. The CBR250RR is the dream of many who have just acquired the A2 license.

Meanwhile, our colleagues from Indonesia They have already tested it on the circuit and have reached a top speed of 170 km / h (speedometer), although without fully stretching the 6th. This figure, in a 250 street, had only been reached by the old 2T.

Recall that the Honda CBR250RR mounts a 249’7 cc, 8-valve LC twin-cylinder engine, which delivers 40 hp, mounting Showa inverted fork and progressive rear suspension, 310 mm front brake with Nissin caliper, etc.

It remains to be seen with which motorcycle the Japanese giant will participate in the next SBK World Championship, in the new category SSP300, yes with the CBR500R, which has a larger motor, or the CBR250RR, which has an upper cycle part … and it is seen that it also runs.

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