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25 mayo, 2021
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One of the reasons why the scooter is one of the motorcycles with the highest sales index and that it is also the preferred type of motorcycle of many, is its ease of driving it, this is because the transmission type of a scooter is automatic and that makes everything much simpler. With this type of motorcycle it is only about accelerating and braking.

This shifting system works in a similar way to that of a gearshift, but at the outlet of the scooter’s crankshaft we find a movable pulley that can modify its inner diameter. By means of a belt made of rubber, it moves another mobile pulley that is connected to some shoes of a centrifugal clutch. The bell of this clutch is connected to the rear wheel by means of reduction gears. The entire automatic transmission mechanism of the scooter works with friction and of course, this implies that it is subject to wear and therefore it is important to maintain a proper revision.

Components like drive belt, shoes and rollers suffer constant wear, they must be checked according to what is marked in the manufacturer’s manual to be replaced. Generally, the transmission belt of a scooter has useful life periods between 12,000 and 15,000 kilometers, in larger scooters it is possible that these periods can be extended a little more. Ignoring the belt change in good time can cause serious damage such as breakage while running, which will result in the scooter becoming completely immobile.

Something that can indicate that the transmission belt is worn and needs a change is that the scooter does not reach its maximum speed, the belt becomes thinner and modifies the whole process. The problems with the shoes will be detected in most cases with the ear.

On the other hand, you feel a certain knocking on the rear wheel or vibrations in the starts, it is possible that the clutch bell is deformed, which can happen due to reaching high temperatures. It can also be because one of the shoes is broken or very worn.

The variator rollers also wear out and it is possible to notice this when we feel that the acceleration transitions are irregular or that they have a strange behavior.


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