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The meeting between Vespa enthusiasts

25 mayo, 2021
vespa world days hungria

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Hungary organized the 13th edition of the Vespa World Days from Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 June.

4 days for the most important event of the Vespa Club around the world.

They came more than 3,000 Vespa from all ages Y Vespa Club from up to 38 countries: Vespistas from Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Canada, the Philippines, Israel, Indonesia and all over Europe.


All this, under the name of Vespa World Days, occurred in the Hungarian town of Zanka, on the shores of Lake Balaton.

It is the most important world event for fans of the Italian brand, hence the attendance of people from different continents.


Vespa World Days are always a great occasion to gather Vespa enthusiasts. A model iconic and unique that from his born in 1946 has managed to win the hearts of millions of people.

This year those attending the event also participated in the Vespa Trophy, a race between the members of the Vespa Club.

They were a total of 49 teams representing 11 countries, which also they could get own photos and special stamps in your personal travel book.


In the end, Vespa World Days represent the celebration of the timeless myth of Vespa. With more than 18 million units sold worldwide, the brand has united cultures and generations, becoming a symbol of love and freedom.

The Vespa model has transcended beyond being a simple transport with which to move. It has become a global icon of style and elegance.

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