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The most anticipated A2 motorcycles of 2021

22 mayo, 2021
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Native A2 license motorcycles:

Motorcycles made by and for the A2 license, do not exceed the power of 35 kW and therefore do not have to limit them for everyone who has said license. As advantages we can say that they are tailored to someone who starts and you do not have any pressure when you go out on the road with more motorcycles. The motorcycle gives what it gives and in those two years of license you can get all the juice. What drawback is that after your passage through those two years of A2 the motorcycle you can not ask for more and he keeps what he has.

News 2021

Honda H’ness CB350

A motorcycle with classic essence, is Sling of successful design and manufactured by and for drivers with the A2 license. The CB350 is a timeless motorcycle that although it has been presented for the Asian market, it is rumored that it will be able to land on the western market very soon. already counting on Euro5. 35 hp full of class and elegance. Don’t miss all the details here.

honda hness cb350 04 0

BMW G 310 R 2021

With news for 2021 the “door” of entry for the clients of the German firm is renewed. The BMW G 310 R 2021 brings surprises as lighting full LED, electronic throttle grip, adjustable levers and new color schemes among others. Its power of 34 hp at 9,500 rpm is accompanied by a engine torque Maximum of 28 Nm at 7,500 rpm. All this with the Euro5 up to date. Find out here.

bmw 6

Voge 300 DS

With soul trail This model of the Asian brand has technology full LED Y LCD screen. In the cycle part we find a inverted fork and the progressively operating monoshock with connecting rods on its lower anchor. With 25.8 hp power to 8,500 rpm, it looks like a engine torque Maximum of 22.5 Nm to 6,500 rpm. Discover it here.

voge 300ds 2021 18

Limitable motorcycles for A2 license

All those models that are limited and that in those two years of license you can legally drive. What drawback we have to these motorcycles they have the weight of a motorcycle with more power, they have not been designed to drive with 35 kW. On the other hand, it has the advantage that the motorcycle can “grow” with you. After those two years and having gained the necessary experience, the user limits it and returns to brand new motorcycle.

News 2021 A2

Aprilia RS 660

The long-awaited, the Aprilia RS 660. The Italian firm is going to market two models. One “Full power” that will show off 100 hp of power and will not be limited and another 95 hp that will be. A dream for any newbie who loves sports shoes. Its versatile and magnificent engine is accompanied by an outstanding cycle part. A few days ago, our colleague Pipe Hinojosa was able to try it, discover here his feelings after a day with the Italian.

prueba aprilia rs 660 hoy es un buen dia 0

Honda forza 750

Polyvalent, with an aesthetic of ten for any lover of maxi scooter sports and with the magnificent DTC change from Sling disembarks the bet of the Sōichirō brand for fight with the all powerful and successful Yamaha T-Max.

Full of technology and with a powerful engine 745 cc and 58.6 hp at 6,750 rpm this maxi scooter sports a engine torque Maximum of 69 Nm at 4,750 rpm.

Very recently we were able to test it in Moto1pro and we were surprised by its behavior. We conclude that the new Honda Forza 750 2021 is “The future today”. Do not miss the test here.

forza 750 portada 1

Yamaha MT-07 2021

With a new design from the most visionary designers in Japan, the latest generation of Yamaha’s MT-07, the best-selling naked on the market.

2021, in addition to a new design, brings new technology integration “Full LED”, new engine block with Euro 5, better brakes and better finishes overall compared to its predecessor.

We will have to wait until March 2021 to see it at the dealership, but in the meantime you can start dreaming and don’t miss out on detail here.

mt 07

Regardless of what your priorities are, if you just got your A2 card, here you have to choose between different styles, brands and concepts. We are sure that yours is among them. Welcome to the world of two wheels. Enjoy these two years learning with patience and security.

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