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25 mayo, 2021
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Definitely the experience does not exempt you from any incident, because accidents happen. But what happens with experience is that you learn, and if you learn well, the same thing is less likely to happen to you twice.

Because what experience teaches you is to prevent, and that is precisely what this note is about, to prevent and not to commit the most common oversights of motorcyclists.


There are some bad times that we can avoid when riding a motorcycle if we pay more attention to the details. For example, take a look from time to time at the motorcycle’s dashboard (which is not only to mark the speed), many times the bike is trying to warn us that something is wrong and we do not pay attention or simply do not check that everything is in order. Motorcycles today are made with enough technology to facilitate and provide very useful prevention information to the driver, such as run out of gas, something that has surely happened to more than one confused person or another, do not be surprised, it is one of the most common oversights.


Another common oversight is not giving the proper maintenance and in time due to our motorcycle, that adds to the possibility that the levels of oil, coolant, etc. are low, or the motorcycle needs a oil change or one cleaning chain (if worn). Maintenance is basic and essential for the proper functioning of the motorcycle, it is important to do it on time, because many times it happens that something that can be as simple as an oil change ends in a serious fault because it is not carried out in due time.

Carelessness can become serious problems, the good news is that it is up to us, therefore it can be prevented simply by paying attention and doing the right thing.

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