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The motorcycle papers: the documentation that you must carry with you

25 mayo, 2021
documentacion vehiculo

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This is not part of the motorcycle papers, but of your own documentation, like your identity card. Depending on the vehicle you want to drive, your driving license will be one or the other, but surely you already know that. For motorcycles, it can be the moped license, A1 card, A2 card, A or B card If it is about 125 motorcycles as long as you are 3 years old or for 3-wheel motorcycles approved as tricycles regardless of the age of your license.

If you drive without carrying your card you risk a penalty of 10 euros, if you have expired the penalty is 200, and if you have not removed it or it has been withdrawn the fine is 500 euros, with possible jail sentences , higher economic amounts or social work from 31 to 90 days.

The Motorcycle Circulation Permit

Yes, it is mandatory to carry it with you.

It is the authorization that gives you Traffic headship to be able to circulate with your motorcycle. In this document there are data related to the motorcycle such as the registration number, the brand, the commercial name, the date of the first registration, the chassis number, the displacement, the power, the number of seats … that is, a description detailed on its legal conditions.

The Motorcycle Circulation Permit

When you buy the motorcycle, whether new or second-hand, it will be one of the procedures that you will have to carry out. Until you acquire the definitive driving license for the motorcycle, which takes about 15 days to be ready, you can ride with a provisional authorization, issued by Traffic, which is valid for 30 days.

If you drive your motorcycle without carrying this document, the fine may be 10 euros, and if the motorcycle lacks it, the fine will amount to 500 euros.

The Vehicle Technical Inspection Card

Yes, it is mandatory to carry it with you.

This document lists all the technical details of the bike. Such as its dimensions, the measurements of the approved tires, the brand and trade name, the engine displacement, its power … But, beyond all this, it serves to keep track of the technical inspections that the motorcycle has to pass with. over the years, that is, every time the motorcycle has to pass the ITV.

The Vehicle Technical Inspection Card

A motorcycle It must pass the ITV at 4 years of life, and from there every 2 years. Mopeds They have to pass it after 3 years and then every 2 years.

And yes, once you pass the ITV it is mandatory to have the ITV sticker stuck in a visible place on the motorcycle.

If you ride a motorcycle without carrying this document, the penalty is 10 euros, if you drive without having passed the ITV, the penalty amounts to 200, but if they see fit, the agents may immobilize your motorcycle.

Mandatory motorcycle insurance

It is not mandatory to wear it, but it is mandatory to have it in force.

To circulate with a motorcycle you need to have insurance, as stated in the “Law on civil liability and insurance in the circulation of motor vehicles.” In fact, not having insurance is one of the worst infractions you can commit and the one that can lead to the most problems. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the risk created by driving your motorcycle, not for what may happen to you, but for what may happen to others, and Having a mishap with third parties without having insurance to cover your back is a huge irresponsibility.

The law is clear You will not be able to circulate with your motorcycle if it is not insured. However, for several years now, it is not mandatory that you carry the current insurance payment receipt with you, as it was a long time ago. If necessary, the agents will check that your motorcycle is insured by consulting the Information File of Insured Vehicles (FIVA)Although carrying the classic bank receipt does not hurt either, so you can prove it if for some reason they cannot verify it electronically.

The Motorcycle Circulation Tax

It is not mandatory to wear it, but it is mandatory to have it in force.

One of the taxes that we must pay annually is the Motorcycle Circulation Tax, commonly known as “the number”, although its correct name is the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles.

In Spain, it is a mandatory annual tax that is managed directly by the municipality’s town hall and that taxes the owner (natural or legal person that appears in the vehicle’s circulation permit, that is, the owner) of mechanical traction vehicles that can circulate on public roads as of January 1 of each year.

The amount therefore depends on each municipality and each vehicle. In the city of Madrid in 2017, for example, the prices are as follows:

Mopeds: 7 euros.


  • Up to 125 cubic centimeters: 7 euros.
  • From more than 125 to 250 cubic centimeters: 12 euros.
  • From more than 250 to 500 cubic centimeters: 27 euros.
  • From more than 500 to 1,000 cubic centimeters: 60 euros.
  • Over 1,000 cubic centimeters: 121 euros.

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