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The motorcycle passenger: the importance of a good package

24 mayo, 2021
pasajero moto1pro

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The correct passenger position

The position of the passenger on a motorcycle is essential to ensure safe and comfortable driving for both. Here the type of the motorcycle comes into play, if it is a maxi-rail, a sport touring or a grand touring, the passenger can maintain an upright and relaxed position, even holding onto the rear handles if desired and if the bike has them. .

Everything changes on a sports bike, where the rider is in a position where it is attached to the motorcycle’s tank. In this case, the passenger has to adapt and crouch next to him, engaging the pilot, wrapping his arms around him and resting his hands on the fuel tank. Thus both will move as if they were only one, with better aerodynamics, holding up much better strong braking and acceleration. In this position, the passenger will feel more integrated with the motorcycle and how best he will experience the emotions of riding.

And what about passenger’s head? The pilot’s helmet will create a series of turbulences in the air that reach directly into the passenger’s helmet. Instead of placing one helmet just behind the other, it is more advisable for the passenger to turn it a bit laterally, which allows them to see part of the landscape and thus also be aware of possible unforeseen events. Two excessively glued helmets facilitate the constant blows between them, when braking or accelerating, and there is nothing that bothers the rider more than those little touches on the head.

The passenger on a motorcycle

The passage around the curve with a passenger, a delicate moment

This is where it is really necessary to instruct our passenger. Curves on a motorcycle can be a critical moment if our passenger is inexperienced and you don’t know how to react to the lean of the bike.

The novice passenger will tend out of fear to stay straight, leaning next to the motorcycle will not give him security and he will want to lean to the opposite side. Be very careful with that! The passenger could fight against our intention to lean the motorcycle and with its weight prevent the motorcycle from tilting as much as necessary to turn in a curve, so much so that it could prevent us from drawing and keep us straight.

Another danger is the case of the motivated passenger who wants to tilt more than the pilot himself. Have you ever had one of those? We would suffer the same danger as with the previous one, but in that case towards the inside of the curve …

The passenger on a motorcycle

Therefore, the good passenger is the one who follows the movements of the pilot, neither more nor less, the one that does what the pilot does, smoothly and keeping the weight where the pilot keeps it. Whoever drives is who takes the motorcycle where it has to go and in the necessary position. The weights on a motorcycle are essential, any unexpected or exaggerated movement from behind could put us in trouble.

Remember, if you are the one who drives Explain these little things to your passenger before you set off, for the good and enjoyment of all. Y if you are the passenger Take good note, with these tips you will be able to enjoy the bikes from day one, and you will see how over time the sensations will get better and better, everything is a matter of practice!

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