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The mysterious black box of the Ducati GP19 grows and grows …

25 mayo, 2021
caja negra ducati GP19

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In this photo the veteran and savvy British journalist Max oxley has posted on his Twitter account can be seen the tail of Michele Pirro’s motorcycle, the Ducati test driver.

In the photo you can see that the mysterious black box (made of carbon fiber) that is located on the tail of the GP19 since the 2017 preseason -if we remember correctly- has grown compared to the one that has been used for three seasons now.

About what it hides, it is a mystery since its appearance, although it is supposed to be electronic elements, in addition to the rear camera.

Oxley suggests that its location, so far from the center of gravity, is due to the fact that – in addition to containing electronic elements – it is used as a stabilizing mass, which helps reduce vibrations and chattering.

The thread that follows is very funny and it is suggested that it could be a Über motorcycle, a pizza delivery boy, a microwave, etc.

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