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The new Rieju MR 300 Racing already has a price!

25 mayo, 2021
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  • Rieju MR300 / 250 Pro 2021: Version that is expected to be manufactured in September and will be equipped with even more complete equipment than the Racing.
  • Rieju MR 300/250 Racing 2021: Initial release of May assembly.
  • Rieju MR 300 Ranger 2021: Version that is expected to be manufactured in September and whose main difference will be a lower seat height.

Regarding the price, The Rieju MR 300 Racing 2021 is priced at € 8,050. However, in order to introduce the brand in this segment quickly, Rieju presents an exceptional launch price offer at € 7,499.

The components you will equip The MR 300 Racing are the highest in the range with Kayaba 48mm closed cartridge suspensions, Nissin brakes, Namura clutch, electronic start, Exel rims… Which positions it, according to the Spanish firm, as the best quality / price option in the enduro competition segment.

Jordi Riera, CEO: “From Rieju we will continue to support the local industry and it is very important to help the entire value scale to maintain the strength of this sector that has been a lung in our country. The illusion that this project transmits to us goes beyond a business for the brand, the MR model makes us reborn within the Enduro Competition segment where Rieju has been for many years filling us with satisfaction. I am proud to be able to develop this project with the entrepreneurial spirit of my grandfather and my father, who managed to put the brand on the highest step in Enduro ”.

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