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The new Solo Moto Scooter 190 is already on the kiosk

23 mayo, 2021

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We close 2020 with the release of the latest issue of the year of Solo Moto Scooter, our magazine dedicated exclusively to this practical two-wheeled vehicle so popular in our market.

In this Only Moto Scooter No. 190 We detail all the news planned for next season. This has been a year in which many manufacturers have worked intensely on their range of scooters to adapt it to Euro 5, since it comes into force from 2021. That, together with the new models that arrive to complete the offer of each brand, they add up to a total of more than 30 news that we analyze for you in this number.

Precisely, one of those 2021 novelties is the protagonist of the portal: the Honda forza 750. We have gotten on it and we have been able to see first-hand its excellences, which are many. Is the new flagship of the Japanese brand And, as such, they have turned their heads when it comes to making a premium scooter, with luxury equipment and an engine with performance above the competition.

Also, with the arrival of a new Honda SH 125i During 2020, we thought it was a good idea to put him together with two of his most bitter rivals in a comparative trial (Kymco People 125 S Y Piaggio Medley 125i) giving rise to a category that we have called ‘125 premium high wheels’.

More things. Did you know that Honda, in addition to motorcycles and scooters, also manufactures airplanes, among other things? We explain to you in a report the other businesses of the main brands that we mistakenly associate with the two-wheel industry exclusively.

You can also read the proof of the Kymco Super Dink 350 TCS, which in this latest version equips traction control, and the first scooter of the car firm SEAT, an electrician by name MO eScooter 125 It is manufactured entirely in Spain.

And now that the cold and bad weather are coming, a full report with 18 waterproof jackets of all brands and with all the details and prices so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Of course, the usual sections such as the News, all related to the world of scooters, the section Plug in, with information on the world of electric mobility, the Face to face, where we face with data two scooters of the same category (Rieju Nuuk and Silence S01 in this issue) or the Vintage Scooter, which in this issue features a scooter that, attention, was parachuting.

Come to your usual kiosk and get the latest number of Solo Motorcycle Scooter.

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