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24 mayo, 2021
1621882184 header BMW R 1200 RS

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The new one VMW R 1200 RS It is an ultra sporty motorcycle that takes you to the limit, it is perfect for driving in the city, highway or highway.

It is very comfortable, offers maximum comfort throughout the journey, as it adapts perfectly to the needs of the rider.

The difference with the R version is that BMW makes precise changes that transform it into a new concept, for example: the image, the driving position, ride comfort and greater dynamism.


It has two side air deflectors, the semi-handlebars have the cuffs lower and the tips tighter than the previous version, achieving a more sporty driving position.

With two heights to be set manually. A lower position for sportier driving intent or for city driving and a raised position for high speed driving.

The padded seat is narrower in the tank area and very wide at the back, offering greater freedom of movement. The height is 820 mm from the ground, 840 mm in the “sport” version or 760 mm, the lowest.

Its weight is 245 kg, so it rolls with great ease since its weight is very well distributed, therefore it achieves the impression of being much lighter than it actually is.

It has a 1,170 cc engine and is priced at 292,300 pesos.

We leave a video of the new VMW R 1200 RS so you can see its performance in action.

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