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The reason for the success of the trail

25 mayo, 2021
cyril neveau 1st dakar

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The ergonomic posture and the aerodynamic protection they were a plus to travel to the detriment of the tourer. The manufacturers knew how to see it and the escalation of power and cylinders in the Paris-Dakar It was reflected in the new models of the late 80s. BMW launched its GS twins, Honda Africa Twin and Transalp (in a nod to European asphalt adventurers), Yamaha the Super Ténéré and Cagiva the Elefant with Ducati motor.

honda xrv 650 africa twin

The truth is that they were not as suitable motorcycles to travel through the desert. Its single-cylinder sisters (which were still being manufactured and sold) were much more suitable for adventure travel, just because you could lift them yourself if they fell to the ground. Now there are tutorials on Youtube that explain how to lift even a GoldWing, but 20 years ago there was no coverage for the deserts of Morocco.

unnamed 14

Then came the cleavage of the segment between trail and maxi-trail. A Dominator was a trail and an Africa Twin a maxi-trail. The number of cylinders was a quick and easy way to distinguish both worlds. At bottom it was logical: a single-cylinder suffers to maintain elevated cruises by its own conception, while a two-cylinder could circulate on the highway at prohibited speeds without disheveled.

XXI century

The escalation reached a point where the maxi-trails were real asphalt-eating monsters, but beyond 250 kilos and with very high centers of gravity. The motorcycles themselves restricted their use to people from 1.80 meters up and in good shape. Stepping on the field they only had the appearance and with that weight a fall at low speed could mean a juicy bill. It is true that defenses were mounted to prevent further damage, but that did nothing but raise kilos to the scale.

The turn of the century brought several advances to the motorcycle (injection, ABS, etc) who were already in the automotive world but needed evolution to fit on a motorcycle, both physically and financially. The more compact engine and gearbox design allowed the development of lighter motorcycles for the same displacement, to such an extent that a 1100cc Africa Twin is again a trail, even lightweight, compared to an Africa Twin 750 from 20 years ago. That does not mean that the maxi-trail has disappeared, quite the opposite.

honda crf 1100l africa twin

Paradigm shift

The synergies of the production lines allow different versions on the same base, with asphalt motorcycles that share an engine with their trail sisters. (KTM 890 Duke / KTM 890 Adventure), trail motorcycles whose tires determine whether it is asphalt or off road version (Triumph Tiger XR / Triumph Tiger XC) or going back to Honda, use the engine of a sport-tourer to, with the same chassis, make a maxi-trail (Honda Crosstourer).

ktm 890 adventure action3

The reason for the success is that it is possible to find a trail on the market that suits everyone’s needs. They are already versatile by concept, but it is also that you can find all kinds of configurations (1,2,3 or 4 cylinders, in line, V, parallel), sizes, designs and for all cards (A2, A, even B for 125cc), even in various brands. The use that is going to be given is secondary, because in the end they are capable of everything. With a super sports car you can’t do the shopping for a week, but with a trail you can have a blast on your favorite mountain section and then go shopping. Or go to the pool. Or taking advantage of the fact that the suitcases and the trunk are on, put on your best suit and go to the office. To save the world.

triumph tiger 800 xr xt 2018 0

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