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24 mayo, 2021
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We are in Winter Bikers. We all know that it is a good time to go out and film and contemplate everything that this beautiful season offers us, the landscapes are spectacular on the roads and even in the city, because winter brings its own brightness, but in addition to the brightness it brings low temperatures And it is precisely with this that we must take some precautions, since no one wants to interrupt the festivities due to a cold and less due to an incident.

That is why it is very important to be prepared and with all the appropriate equipment to welcome winter with a good ride. Here the necessary equipment:

Complete insulating and waterproof suit

It is basic, because an insulating suit keeps you protected from low temperatures. It is not a cheap investment, but it is well worth it, especially so that the cold is not an impediment for you to enjoy your way.


Winter gloves

Gloves was the topic we talked about in the previous post, for this season we specifically need winter gloves, which are waterproof, long-legged and, above all, that fit well so as not to let the cold enter anywhere.


Winter boots

It is the same case as the gloves, it is important that they are high enough so that they cover the leg well and that they are well adjusted so that the cold does not creep in. The feet is a part of the body that is most easily cooled.


Thermal clothing

It is an excellent complement to the insulating suit. It helps us to conserve body heat therefore it helps us to maintain a good temperature and they are also very soft and comfortable garments.


Electric thermal clothing

This is a garment that can be very useful if you use it with due caution. There are both vests and pants, socks, gloves, etc. They are garments that generate heat when connected to the battery, but they are definitely for extreme temperatures.


There is also a line of accessories and attachments that you can add to your motorcycle to complement it, but we will talk about that in a next post.

Happy Cold Rolled Bikers!

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