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The smartest helmet in the world

24 mayo, 2021
whitehelmet store e

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There is always, always something more, no matter how advanced the device you bought is, it will soon succumb to competitors who will be preparing something even a little better.

Well, for the moment this title, as far as motorcycle helmets are concerned, is taken by the Skully AR-1, a helmet that complies with all safety certifications.

Its main features are implementation of HUD (Heads up display) which is a notification system, it tells us for example how fast we are going, if we are close to running out of fuel or if we are receiving calls, this is possible since it connects to the cell phone via Bluetooth, it is also possible to listen to music.

As a security measure, it has a wide angle camera (180 °) on the back of the helmet, the video is projected in a frame on the visor.

This great helmet has a GPS projected on the visor in the form of augmented reality.

All functions are controlled by voice commands

The approximate price of this helmet is about 1500 dollars, it is available in matt black and glossy white colors and can be purchased in presale on its website

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