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The Superprestigio Dirt Track is ready!

24 mayo, 2021

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The American pilots of the Superprestigio 2017 are consummate specialists in short tracks such as the Palau Sant Jordi. If in past editions of the Superprestigio both Brad Baker What Jared mees they had to adapt to the 200 meters of the Barcelona oval, Briar Bauman and JD Beach they will soon find each other like fish in water.

Bauman, at just 22 years old, is one of the youngest riders to have won a premier class race in the Grand National by Flat Track. He did it when he was 17 years old, in a short-track: that of Daytona. The previous season, the year of his debut in the top flight, he already achieved his first podium, being awarded as Rookie of the Year. This season the pilot from Salinas (California) has added two more wins and has finished sixth in the championship. Now just think about winning the Super Prestige.

I really want to compete in Barcelona, ​​in front of thousands of fans. Also I feel the pressure of representing my country in this tiebreaker against Europe. But Jared Mees is helping me prepare the Super Prestige and I’m doing a lot of motocross training, hoping to ride an oval on the 17-inch wheels soon. I have never used them and it worries me, but I really want the challenge of trying different things. “

JD Beach, 26 years old, is a “rare bird” of this sport, as it is not usual to find pilots who are very fast both on asphalt and on a dirt-track oval. Unlike Bauman, he already knows Europe and Spain, as he was 2008 Rookies Cup champion ahead of the ill-fated Luis Salom. His victory in the 2010 East Coast Supersport Championship allowed him to participate in the United States Grand Prix of the Moto2 World Championship of the following season. Washington native, friend and rival of Brad “TheBullet” Baker since childhood, Beach also competed in the AMA Superbike before returning to MotoAmericaSupersport to achieve your greatest successes: champion in 2015 and runner-up in 2016 and 2017.

Having Brad Baker by my side to prepare the Superprestigio is a guarantee, but I am not going to explain to anyone the advice he gives me: they are secret! Brad has lent me a set of 17-inch wheels and I am also lucky enough to be able to train on a short-track very similar in size to the one in Barcelona, ​​so I think that at the Palau Sant Jordi I will feel at home. I look forward to a nice duel with Briar BaumanOur riding styles are very different… but neither of us hesitate when it comes to putting the wheel in! Everything is going to be new for me in Barcelona, ​​but I plan to prepare thoroughly and do my best”.

Briar bauman Y JD Beach, two great pilots with a double objective: to seize the throne of Marc Márquez… and put forward USA in the duel against Europe on the Superprestigio 2017. Will they succeed? The Palau Sant Jordi will decide, but we’ll have to wait for the next December 16 to know.

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