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The Suzuki dealership of Maquina Motors is renewed!

23 mayo, 2021
maquina motors se renueva

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The Suzuki de Maquina Motors dealership is renewed and premieres image in its establishment on Calle Brusi, 92 in Barcelona. Since 2003 the Maquina Motors Group represents Suzuki, and its iconic Barcelona dealership has received a tune-up to adapt to the new Suzuki style.

The dealership, located in the Sant Gervasi neighborhood, has everything that Suzuki lovers could want, or need. From a specialized technical team, to a large department of spare parts with a large stock or a free motorcycle test service. In addition, the range of motorcycles that they allow to test is very varied.

Times change, and so do purchasing habits and customer demands. That’s why the dealerships are evolving and changing with the rest of the elements. That is why Maquina Motors is renewed. To adapt to the new times, to the tastes of the clients, to the new suzuki spirit and, of course, to differentiate itself from other dealerships by offering a complete experience in its center.

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