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The Suzuki SV650 will continue in 2021 as Euro5, 22 years later

25 mayo, 2021
suzuki sv650 2019

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One of the oldest and most popular models of the Hamamatsu brand, the Suzuki SV650 will continue to be sold in 2021 and not as a Euro4 ‘end of stock’, but as a true Euro5.

The folks at BikeSocial have discovered the homologation patent for the new SV650 for next year, and it is listed as Euro5. Of course, in the process it has lost 3 hp, but has gained some torque, thanks to modifications to the exhaust and engine management.

Suzuki sv650 negra

We imagine you will be mounting a higher capacity catalyst, as a lower decibel figure is also being advertised.

On whether aesthetically it will be different, it is likely that the decoration will vary and little else.

It is quite impressive how this popular naked, with 22 years in tow, continues to resist with her head held high. Its latest version, with the Trellis multi-tube chassis and a 70 hp engine, remains an excellent midweight naked, with good sports performance and proven reliability.

That means that the V-Strom 650 it can continue to be manufactured as Euro5, by mounting the same engine as the SV.

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