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The SYM Maxsym TL hits stores

24 mayo, 2021
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SYM has played the trick of putting on sale the cheapest sports maxi scooter on the market, a vehicle aimed at those who want a scooter for daily use and for leisure use on weekends and a perfect alternative to a “wheel” motorcycle. large “with the advantages of the luggage compartment under the seat and good aerodynamic protection.

The SYM Maxsym TL’s engine is completely new, with two cylinders in line, water cooled and with a cylinder head of four valves per cylinder. Of all the sports scooters it is the one that offers the least power, 40 hp, compared to the 45 for the T Max or the 52 for the KYMCO AK 550. The SYM Maxsym TL can be driven with the A2 license.

SYM AK 550 seat recess

The features of the new SYM Maxsym TL include the fully LED headlights or the instrument cluster with a fully digital display. From now on choosing a sports scooter is going to get a little more difficult.

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