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“The things Pol does with the KTM are crazy”

25 mayo, 2021
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Brad Binder’s first experience with the MotoGP KTM is something the South African will remember all his life. Like most riders who rise to the premier category of motorcycling, it means forgetting what they have learned and starting from scratch.

“They have been two great days and completely different from what I expected”, says Binder. “It was getting on the bike and feeling more and more comfortable, but I reached a point where I was riding more and more like I was on my Moto2 bike, and that made it difficult for me to improve ”, Binder told

And it is that Brad has discovered how different it is to ride a MotoGP:

“It’s mainly about the lines and the way you lift the bike at the exit of the curves”, and adds: “The way you use gas is crazy: gas is used much more on a MotoGP bike than on a Moto2, when I thought it was the opposite.”

“So it was really hard for me to try to figure it out in my head and get better. The more I rode, the easier it was for me to get to a certain level, but in order to go faster I kept doing things wrong, which made things difficult for me ”.

What things was Binder doing wrong?

“Braking too late and going around a curve without giving gas, more or less”, answered.

“What I have found is that too often I was going outside the corner of the corner, instead of braking the bike and turning around the corner, so I was doing too many meters. You have to use the power, and to be frank, I don’t know exactly what I was trying to do! ”

Pol, in another dimension

Pol Espargaro KTM MotoGP

Everything seems even worse when you look at Pol Espargaró’s data and realize what he does:

“It’s amazing to see your data … Some of the things he does are really crazy. I have a lot to learn”, Binder smiled.

What surprises you about Pol Espargaró?

The way you open the throttle and how you keep it with the bike tilted. Some of the things he does seem crazy, but I’m sure it’s something that will come with time, when I have more confidence in the bike. “

Dani Pedrosa to the rescue

dani pedrosa ktm

“At one point I felt completely lost and asked my team to ask Dani if ​​he could help me a bit, and he was very happy to help me”, Binder revealed. “I was very lucky, because my best time was behind him.”

“What I saw when I followed him is where he was doing it wrong, I really saw how fast he traced the corners and how fast he lifted the bike, while I was going in and passing without doing well.”

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