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the three wheels will have power steering

30 mayo, 2021
la fi hy honda neowing trike 20150930

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The project Honda Neo Wing 1800, the Gold Wing three-wheeler, it seems that it is going ahead or, at least, Honda continues to patent different technical solutions of this motorcycle or three-wheeler, the last of them detected by

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The last one is a power steering system, something foreseeable for a vehicle that will have a considerable weight (it will surely exceed 400 kg), of which a large part is located in the front axle, which will also have the friction of two tires instead of one. A power steering system is guessed indispensable for low-speed maneuvers, as well as reverse gear, something that the latest Gold Wing has solved perfectly.

In the patent, articles 41 and 42a are defined as “The actuator (41) is an electric motor or a hydraulic device configured to generate torque around a central axis. An electric motor (42a) includes a stator and a rotor that is housed in the casing “. Therefore, the servo could be activated by an independent electric motor or by a hydraulic system generated by the motor itself.

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The final version is far from clear yet, nor the date of its launch. What seems clear is that the project is moving forward. Without a doubt, the Honda Neo Wing 1800 will be focused more for markets such as North America than for Europe.

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