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These are the 2018 Spanish Speed ​​Champions

25 mayo, 2021
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In SuperStock600 and Open600, with the championship to be decided, Lukas Tulovic was ahead halfway through the race but Miquel Pons passed it on lap 9 to lead. Lukas was second, on the heels of the H43, and Javier Orellana third. David Sanchis and Marc Alcoba, who were the ones who were playing the title, have rolled fourth and sixth, respectively. The points added by the Andotrans Team Torrentó have earned him to win it. Finally the race has been won by Lukas, with a nice fight with Miquel. This has ended prematurely due to a red flag due to a participant’s engine failure. Pons himself and Orellana have taken the podium. Guillermo Hernández, Mashel Al-Naimi and Francisco J. Hidalgo have been in Open600, in addition, proclaiming themselves champion of Spain.


In SuperStock1000 and Open1000 Xavi Pinsach has led from the start. Yesterday he was left with the honey on his lips and today he wanted to win. Carmelo Morales, already champion, has returned to make a great comeback to place second only four laps after the race started. Little by little he has been approaching the ETG Racing to see the checkered flag before anyone else. Pinsach and Florian Alt have closed the top three. In Open1000 the same Florian Alt has won, Julián Miralles has been second and Eric Morillas third. The champion of this category is Julián Miralles.

n Females, whose champions we met in Valencia, Pakita Ruiz has led from the beginning to win again and finish the season with full victories. María Bellot has crossed the second goal and Laura Martínez third of Open600. Cristina Juarranz, Olga Shaternikova and Mari Calero have completed the Open1000 drawers of honor.

In PreMoto3 Iván Ortolá, who started second, had problems at the start and has run out of podium options. Izan Guevara and Marcos Ruda have been the protagonists during the first laps, continuously overtaking. Behind, Daijiro Sako, Sergio Gómez, Daniel Muñoz and Ondrej Vostatek have fought for third place although some of them have slipped into the fight for victory as Sako who is the one who finally took her. Daniel Muñoz made second and Marcos Ruda third, taking the champion title.


In 85GP / Moto4 and as usual, the race was in a group with up to 10 riders, from both categories, fighting for the podium. There have been multiple changes of positions and those who were at the beginning were later behind. Each lap has been a heart attack for all the teams that cheered their pilots from the wall. With the checkered flag waving, Erik Fernández won, Adrián Cruces was second and David Muñoz third in the M4 and in 85GP David Alonso was the best, David Real second and Marco Morelli third. The champions of Spain are Cruces in Moto4 and Alonso in 85GP.

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