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They denounce the controversial La Bañeza Motocross poster

22 mayo, 2021
Polemico cartel motocross LaBaneza

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The competition weekend in León did not start in the best of ways after unleashing the controversy over the La Bañeza Motocross poster.

As you can see in the image above, the pilots have no role participants, not even the motorcycles, which appear in the background, small and out of focus.

Two women with their backs turned, in tight black pants are those that occupy the center and much of the cartel.

When it was made public, it did not take long for feminist associations and even politicians to make their disapproval known.

And not only that, but the León Feminist Movement denounced the controversial poster Motocross before the Institute for Women and requested its withdrawal: “We are before a poster that It does not respect the General Advertising Law 34/1988 and neither does the Equality Law 3/2007 as indicated in the articles of title III that refer to equality in the media, including advertising”.

The same group added that “in the face of the wave of sexist murders and sexual assaults that have been taking place in Spanish territory, since feminist collectives want to express our outrage and rejection of any publicity that continues to promote this social scourge”.

For its part, Javier Alfonso Cendón (Secretary General of the PSOE in León) published the following message on their social networks: “Offensive machismo, contempt for women and their dignity As people, this is what the La Bañeza (León) Motocross poster represents, we demand responsibilities and immediate rectification. Contempt is the prelude to #ViolenciaDeGenero. #BastaYa”.

At the same time, City Hall threw a message in which He claimed that they had nothing to do with the design of the poster, that the image it gave seemed inappropriate for a sporting event, and explained that the City Council’s involvement with the event was limited to the transfer of the circuit.

A bad decision that, unfortunately, ends up also affecting the real protagonists, the pilots, who are involved in this controversy without eating or drinking it.

And the bad image that gives the world of motorcycling again, which continues to strive to leave behind the macho stereotypes reflected in this controversial Motocross La Bañeza poster.

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