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They have come together for creation

25 mayo, 2021
ducati super soco

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Super Soco launches an electric scooter that it is a special edition of your CUx, but in this case with the collaboration of Ducati.

In order to the italian brand is something new, since I had never presented an electric scooter.

But not we can say that be a creation of Ducati, yes it is true that he has collaborated, has taken care of the scooter decoration.


Since a time ago, Ducati has aligned within its roadmap the sector of electric mobility. A sector that they assure that it is the future.

The first step has been this colaboration with Super Soco, an approach with a brand that is betting very strongly on this type of market.

We will see if the time comes when Ducati brings out its own electric motorcycle.

In this case, the electric scooter is about Super Soco CUx decorated by the Italian firm.


Approved as a moped (50cc) has a decoration similar to the MotoGP official ones.

A BOSCH electric motor from 1,300 watts, provides fast acceleration and excellent pair. It can reach 45 km / h.

Designed for the city, it is agile and has a total weight 70 kg. The scooter will be available only the next 2 years in limited quantities.

Have a electric thruster, has a led headlight, a frontal camera and one high resolution display.

Obviously, could not miss the USB port, also available on this electric scooter to be able to charge any type of device at the time you want it.

Usually It is common to see this type of scooter in the paddock. They are used by factory team members and pilots to navigate the venue.

In order to Ducati this is already a first step into electric mobility, we will see if in the future they decide to take out an electric motorcycle completely their own.

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