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This is the Kawasaki ZX-25R, the four cylinder 250 cc and 20,000 rpm?

25 mayo, 2021
Kawasaki ZX25R 2020 1

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We had told you a few days ago that Kawasaki was preparing a 250 four-cylinder, of which 60 hp was promised at 20,000 rpm and this Wednesday it was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show. It’s about the Kawasaki ZX-25R.

This new bike is totally different from the Ninja 250 that we showed you last week and which is equipped with a quiet twin engine.

The Kawasaki ZX-25R aesthetic is the same as the entire Ninja saga, in a totally sought after way.

As for what is inside the fairing, not much data has been provided yet, only that it is driven by a 249 cc four-cylinder in-line LC, although without further data, for now.

60 hp at 20,000 rpm?

From Japan, data such as 60 hp at 20,000 rpmThis engine is very similar to that of the ZXR250 from the 80-90 years, which was never sold in Spain and which was the queen of 250, when at that time 250 tetracylinders were common in Japan.

zx 25r 3

Of course, it mounts a catalyst, but since this motorcycle, at least initially, will be destined for the Asian market, it must only comply with Euro3 regulations.

The fact of being more restricted compared to the version of 30 years ago may lead to think that it does not have the 60 hp or 20,000 rpm of the ZXR250, but who knows …

What is known is that it mounts a double-beam steel chassis and a Showa SFF-BP fork. It only mounts a single front disc, although, yes, with a 4-piston radial caliper.

zx 25r 2

On whether he will come to Europe… If we have to bet, we would say no. The space for similarly powerful Kawasaki motorcycles has them covered with the Ninja 400 and 650, and this bike will hardly exceed Euro5. But spectacular, it is for a while …

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