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This is the new Harley-Davidson 338R, the smallest in Milwaukee

25 mayo, 2021
Harley 338R 1

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The Harley-Davidson 338R was one of the models that the Milwaukee brand had planned to introduce earlier this year, but the entire conflict of the pandemic postponed its coming-out.

Built in collaboration with Qianjiang, the Harley-Davidson 338R is now a reality. In this spy shot, the bike can be seen fully ready for production.

As can be seen in the photo, it is really similar to the sketch that Harley showed more than a year ago.

HD 338R 2

With the acronym 338R on its tail, the new naked mounts the chassis, suspensions and wheels of the Benelli 302S.

The engine is based on the Benelli twin cylinder, but with the displacement increased to 338 cc. Without a doubt, this measure is aimed both at achieving more torque and at alleviating the effects of emission restrictions.

In China, dealerships have begun to promote this model, which will apparently be destined for Asian markets, with its arrival at European dealerships being doubtful.

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