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This is the Suter 500 MMX of the 2016 Tourist Trophy

25 mayo, 2021

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On Suter MMX 500 We have already spoken a lot from these pages, as well as your more than sure participation next Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, to be held in a few weeks.

Now we show you the final version of this 2-stroke Suter that will run in the TT, in the categories of Superbike Y Senior TT, the two ‘top’ of the Tourist Trophy, with the British Ian Lougher (10 times winner of the TT) at his controls.

Let us remember that the Suter MMX 500 has a 2-stroke 4-cylinder V engine, with a displacement of 576 cc, and that delivers 195 hp, for a weight of only 127 kg.

In an interview with our colleagues from MCN, Lougher is hopeful about the performance of the MMX 500:

“The test went really very well, we spent two days in Brno, and that was the last test before the TT. It has aroused a lot of interest, it’s incredible: we put a photo on Twitter of the bike leaving the Brno garage and it had 150,000 visits in just a few hours ”.

“We go to the TT with a very open mind, because we still don’t know the level of the bike, we are still discovering it. The sensations are good and it is certainly a great bike, very strong, but those superbikes are very good, so it is difficult to say at this point where we are going to be. I’m basically the only one who has developed it. Eskil himself [Suter] I tried it initially, then I had to try it Wayne Gardner, then Freddie Spencer, but other than that – and, honestly, I was not aware at the time – I’m the one who has been developing it … But that said, it was not like starting from zero and there was quite a bit of work done the first time I tried it. But this last test was very useful, because at high speed some problems appeared that we had not had before and that we were able to solve, so now we go to the TT with a very good set.

In a very short time we will know if the Suter MMX 500 of Ian Lougher is able to beat the powerful superbikes of McGuinness, Dunlop and cia.

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